Sunday, 17 January 2021

Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 17th January a.m.

  Most of the recent snow had gone by this morning and with a dry sunny morning and a temperature of 3°C I set off on a walk round Hewenden Reservoir.  When I reached the viaduct I could see six Cormorant and several Canadas on the water and a couple of Cormorants on the dam wall.  It was a quiet walk with not many birds seen though there was some activity by the time I reached the top end.  There were plenty BH Gulls overhead and on the water and at the edge were three Goldeneye, three Goosander, Four Wigeon, ten Teal and six Tufteds.  A flock of c20 Lapwings flew over in the distance and on my way back a GSW landed in a nearby tree.


BH Gull




Goldeneye & Tufteds



Wigeon & Tufteds


Hewenden Reservoir 17/1/2021


Saturday, 9 January 2021

Hallas Bridge

Saturday 9th January a.m.

 A bitterly cold morning with a temperature of -4°C and yesterday evenings snow compacted and frozen overnight leaving paths and roads like bottle ice. So with the sun out it was with great care that I went for a walk down to Hallas Bridge and up to Bents Lane.  A scan of Hallas beck produced my first Dipper of the year with Nuthatch, Robin, Bullfinch and Goldfinch also seen.  There was a constant flow of Gulls overhead with both BH Gulls and Herring Gulls noted.  From higher up above bents Lane a Kestrel landed on a Pylon with Carrion Crows on another Pylon.  There was a good view of the snow covered Cullingworth and Hewenden Viaduct from here.  Walking back I saw Starling, Blue Tit, Mistle Thrush, Canadas and House Sparrow


Canadas over Cullingworth church

Carrion crow

Herring Gull



Pond frozen over

Hewenden Viaduct on the left and Cullingworth to the right 9/1/2021

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Hewenden Reservoir

Saturday 2nd January a.m.

An icy cold start to the morning with a temperature of -1°C as I walked round Hewenden Reservoir, parts of which were frozen.  The highlight was seeing two Goldeneyes, others on the water were Teal, Tufted, Goosander, Canada, Mallard, Moorhen, Cormorant and BH Gulls.  Good to catch up with a couple of Robins, a male Bullfich briefly landed in a bush close by and there were a couple of Mistle Thrushes, others were Jackdaw, Nuthatch, LT Tit and Starling.



Goosander & Tufted


Mistle Thrush



Two Goldeneye on Hewenden Reservoir

Hewenden Reservoir 2/1/2021


Friday, 1 January 2021

Lister Park

 Friday 1st January a.m.

 The New Year started with a cloudy morning and feeling cold at Lister Park with a temperature of 3°C as I walked round the lake trying to avoid the bottle ice on the path.  Parts of the Lake were frozen which didn't seem to bother the c200 BH Gulls with a few Herrings and Commons mixed in. There were c100 Canadas grazing on the grass parts of which had a small covering of snow, the Tufteds were up to 35 in number.  The highlight of the visit was a Treecreeper which was quite close by but difficult to get a picture of in the poor light.

Lets hope 2021 is a better year and enjoy your birding, Happy New Year to all.


BH Gull on the ice

Common Gull

Herring Gull


Tufteds on the water and Canadas grazing in the field beyond

Lister Park 1/1/2021


Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Birding Review of 2020

 Tuesday 29th December.

  An unusual year with restrictions in place during lockdowns meaning I did more local birding and less distant Nature Reserve visits.  I did a bit more walking which was a good thing I particularly enjoyed walking to Doe Park and Denholme Clough in the early summer and a few more walks through Goit Stock Woods near Hallas Beck.  So here is my top ten for 2020:-

10. Garden Warbler -  Harden Moor 6th May.

I always enjoy the return of these tuneful birds during the summer and Harden Moor has been a good location for me to spot them, not an easy bird to get a picture of though.

Garden Warbler
9. Lapwing - Redcar Tarn 14th September.
Always a pleasure to see Lapwings and were lucky to have a good number of them locally this one posed well for a good picture.


8. Dipper - Goit Stock Wood 3rd May
One of my favourite birds the Dipper always brightens up the day when you see one.

7. Common Tern - Swillington Ings 20th May
Not a common bird locally but good numbers can be seen at Swillington Ings during the summer making it well worth a visit along with many other birds to be seen at this great Nature Reserve.
Common Terns

6. Stonechat - Harden Moor 4th April.
I don't often see these birds so I was exited to see a couple of them on Harden Moor.


5. Caspian Gull - Redcar Tarn 2nd February.
Gulls don't often feature in my top tens but this Caspian Gull was a lifer for me so had to be included.
Caspian Gull
4. Dunlin - Local Reservoir 8th May.
I always get a buzz when I see a Dunlin locally and this local reservoir has turned a few up for me and enabled me to get close enough for a good picture.
3. Redstart - Denholme Clough 8th August.
During regular visits to Denholme Clough and Doe Park Reservoir tis summer I saw two or three Redstarts on several occasions, a real treat as these are not a common bird locally.

2. Reed Warbler - Swillington Ings 20th may.
I hear these regularly at this site during the summer but spotting them is difficult and getting a good picture is a real bonus.
Reed Warbler
1. Spoonbill - Swillington Ings 10th September.
These rare birds are starting to spread out a bit through the country but still a red letter day to see one reasonably close to home and makes it my number one for 2020.