Monday, 17 October 2016

Leeshaw & Upland Moor

Monday 17th October p.m.
After a heavy spell of rain around lunch time it brightened up early this afternoon so I decided to have a run out to Leeshaw Reservoir where it was sunny with a temperature of 12°C.Here there were four Cormorants on the valve tower and three Greylags on the water and a Grey Heron nearby.On the edge of the water at the other side of the reservoir were Lapwing,BH Gull,Common Gull and a couple of LBB Gulls.Pheasants were in the surrounding fields and as I was leaving a number of Starlings flew over, some of the birds had a pale underbelly which made me think there could be some Fieldfare mixed in with them but I couldn't be sure so didn't count them.
  The weather was holding so I decided to move to another location a few miles away where I bumped in to a fellow birder who told me there had been a good number of Fieldfare here this morning.He also told me about a bird which had been seen locally recently, which was a female Black Grouse a rare bird for our area.He showed me where it had been seen as I got some snaps of a Kestrel, the bird was then briefly seen as a Hawk flew towards a tree in the distance and the female Black Grouse flew off.I then went for a walk seeing very little other than a Helicopter but on my way back I did see a flock of Fieldfare which landed in a distant tree.
 As I got nearer the car I bumped in to another birder who had also seen the female Black Grouse but we were unable to locate it after a brief look.We did see a mixed flock of Redwing,Fileldfare and Starlings, then just as we were about to leave he picked up the Black Grouse in the distance.We quickly went to a better vantage point where we could see the bird feeding in the distance, so my thanks to him for getting me a lifer in the form of a female Black Grouse.N.P.


A Fieldfare Tree



The only bird I saw for a long time

Very distant shot of a female Black Grouse

Leeshaw Reservoir 17/10/2016

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Harold Park and Park Dam

Saturday 15th October a.m.
 Another misty start with heavy cloud when we arrived at Harold Park, the temperature was reasonable at 9°C.We found the birds similar to our last visit but the Mute Swans were in conflict with two birds Yellow 690 and Red D19Y in warning mode to another adult with two Juveniles.There were Tufteds,Coots,Moorhens and a GC Grebe present.
 We moved down the road to Park Dam where there were two Adult Mute Swans with three Juveniles.It was good to see the pair of Gadwalls still present which were reported here last week by J.B., they kept to the middle of the lake so only a record snap was possible.We walked round the lake down to the inlet stream where we saw a couple of Cormorants plus Canadas,Coots and Little Grebes. We then walked back seeing the two adult GC Grebes with their juvenile.Then we heard a Wagtail and soon saw the Grey Wagtail land just in front of us for a couple of decent snaps, well as good as we could hope for in the gloom.We walked back to the other bank just in time to see a Kingfisher fly across the Lake and in to the tree at the corner.We headed towards it hoping to see it perched but it was soon off back across the Lake and up the inlet stream in the opposite corner, still great to see it and a first for us here.
Grey Wagtail


Cormorant with breakfast

Record snap of Gawalls

GC Grebe

Adults with Juvenile in tow

Little Grebe

Mute Swan in dispute mode

Tufted Duck

Canadas and Cormorant

Park Dam in the gloom 15/10/2016

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 9th October a.m.
 A bright start up at Redcar Tarn with a temperature of 6°C, there were still seven Goosanders present but the high numbers of Gulls disappearing.There was a large flock of Lapwings in the field opposite the Tarn, we counted 202 birds,there were also Starlings mixed with them.There were 15 Muscovy Ducks at the edge of the water with Tufted,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen & Canadas also seen.On the island there was a Grey Heron in the top of a tree and one at the waters edge.A couple of Pied Wagtails made their usual appearance along with the Corvids.

Muscovy Ducks

Pied Wagtail


Grey Heron


Lapwings on the move

Redcar Tarn 9/10/2016

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Park Dam

Saturday 8th October a.m.
 following on from our visit to Harold Park we went the short distance down the road to Park Dam where we found another two Mute Swans.Still five Little Grebes and Two adult GC Grebes with a Juvenile.Other here included Tufteds,Coots Moorhens and there were four Cormorants on top of the electric Pylon.These came down and went into the water after doing a circuit giving us chance to try and get some flight shots.
Little Grebe

GC Grebe

GC Grebe Juv

Cormorants on Pylon

Park Dam 8/10/2016