Saturday, 15 December 2018

Cullingworth Fields

Saturday 15th December a.m.
On the edge of Cullingworth there are fields where you get a build up of gulls during Winter so I decided to check them out on my way home.The sky was still cloudy and the temperature was 0°C as I pulled up to the first field where there were around 250 Gulls.With these were c50 Lapwings and c50 Starlings.I moved to the next field where there were c500 Gulls mainly Black-headed but good numbers of Common and Herring with less LBB Gulls.Also in this field were Jackdaws and Rooks.The large numbers made quite a spectacle and even more so when they occasionally lifted blocking out the sky.

Common Gull

Herring Gulls in the foreground

Herring & BH Gulls

BH,Common & Herring Gulls

Rooks & Jackdaws with the Gulls

Cullingworth Fields 15/12/2018

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 15th December a.m.
It was bitterly cold up at Redcar Tarn this morning with a strong biting wind, cloud overhead and a temperature of -1°C.The Tarn was about a third covered with ice but the Lapwings,BH,Common, Herring and LBB Gulls seemed to be coping with the conditions.I had a quick walk round the tarn seeing Muscovy and Tufted Duck, with plenty Jackdaws and Rooks, a Pied Wagtail made a brief appearance as I quickly got back to the car and try and thaw out a bit.
Lapwing on the ice

Muscovy duck

Pied Wagtail

Tufted Duck


BH Gull

Common and Herring Gull

Gulls & Lapwings

Redcar Tarn 15/12/2018

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Rodley Nature Reserve

Sunday 9th December a.m.
 It was a beautiful sunny Winters day as I strolled to the first hide at Rodley Naturer Reserve with a temperature of 7°C.The range of ducks met expectations with Goldeneye,Gadwall,Pochard,Shoveler, Teal,Tufteds,Mallards all on show as well as Goosander and Little Grebe.
 In the nearby field Canadas and Greylags were grazing and back on the Lake Mute Swans and Cormorants were seen.I was lucky to see Kingfishers in several spots as I moved around the reserve, I think there was more than one otherwise it would have been  a very busy bird.Other birds of note were Reed Buntings,Jay and a flock of Long-tailed Tits, I had a great morning here.







Little Grebe

Reed Bunting

Rodley NR 9/12/2018

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 9th December a.m.
A brighter and calmer start this morning where the sun was gleaming on the water of Yeadon Tarn with a temperature of 5°C.It was good to see three Goosanders here and there was just a single adult Mute Swan with three Juveniles.The others included Tufteds,Canadas,BH Gulls,Moorhen and Goldfinch.
Mute Swan



BH Gulls

Yeadon Tarn 9/12/2018

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Park Dam

Saturday 8th December a.m.
After waiting for a shower to pass by I headed for the Lake at Park Dam where the temperature was still at 8°C.As I approached there were Canadas,Tufteds,BH and Common Gulls and a Cormorant all visible in the wild conditions where it was a struggle not to be blown over.A Gt Crested Grebe had a juvenile with it and three Little Grebes were in the distance.Two Mute Swans flew from the far side of the lake landing nearby me and a Mistle Thrush was in the field.After a short spell of sunshine the rain returned being driven by the wind and it was my time to head back to the car.
GC Grebe

GT C Grebe and Coot

Little Grebe

Mute Swan coming to say hello

Common Gull

Mistle Thrush

Canadas & Tufteds

Wind whipping the water up

Park Dam 8/12/2018