Sunday, 20 August 2017

Harden Moor

Sunday 20th August a.m.
 A hazy start to the morning with a temperature of 11°C, a Little Owl in its usual spot got things underway.Good numbers of Mipits and Goldfinch and a couple of Sand Martins and Swallows were seen overhead. Whitethroat and Willow Warblers still around and it was good to see a male Bullfinch and later a juvenile.The highlights of the morning was a good view of a Lesser Redpoll and then a GSW flying past.
Lesser Redpoll

male Bullfinch

Juv Bullfinch

Little Owl



Willow Warbler

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Harold Park and Park Dam

Saturday 19th August a.m.
A cloudy morning with rain showers and a temperature of 13°C as I arrived at Harold Park.It was good to catch up with the pair of Mute Swans which still have seven Cygnets which have now acquired ring tags, I noted four of them (Red 629Y,631Y,633Y & 635Y).Others here were G.C.Grebe,Moorhen,Tufted Duck and Coots.
 Down the road at Park Dam it was good to see a G.C.Grebe with a chick, there were also three Little Grebes here.A Kingfisher appeared from the corner with the tree circled the water and headed back towards the corner.There was some commotion which was caused by a couple of Sparrowhawks which flew from the tree area high into the sky towards one of the Pylons.I headed towards the corner and was surprised to see the Kingfisher perched on the stone edging of the lake.I just managed one picture before it flew.There were 58 Canadas grazing in the nearby field, a couple of Sand Martins were flying low over the water, then a Common Sandpiper flew across the Lake to the stone edging but behind some plants.I tried to approach it but it was soon off back across the Lake, as I left my final bird was a Swift high up in the distance.
Mute Swan Cygnet

Mute Swan pair with seven Cygnets


Kingfisher on the move

Having a rest at the edge of the Lake

G.C.Grebe with chick

Park Dam 19/8/2017 (Spot the Common Sandpiper)

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Harden Moor

Sunday 13th Aug a.m.
A bright sunny morning with a temperature of 10°C as I started off with 18 Lapwings,Little Owl and a couple of Pied Wagtails in a field on the edge of Harden Moor.Then I parked up in my usual spot and was greeted by a Wheatear before I started to look for birds. It was a decent morning catching up with Blackcaps,Whitethroats and Willow Warblers.

Blackcap Juv



Whitethroat Juv

Willow Warbler

Harden Moor 13/8/2017

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cullingworth to Hewenden Reservoir

Saturday 12th August a.m.
 A poor morning with dark skies and regular rain showers, the temperature was 12°C as I headed off towards Hewenden Reservoir.There were fifteen House Martins Feeding high over the village then as I got nearer the reservoir a mixed flock of birds which included Blackcap,Willow Warbler, Blue, Great and LT Tits.On the other side of the farm house the overhead wires had good numbers of House Martins,Sand Martins,Swallows,Linnets,Greenfinch and Goldfinch.These tendered to stay on the wires whilst it rained then as soon as the shower past they lifted and began to feed, the Linnets and Greenfinch going on to the ground in the distance.A Grey Heron was at the edge of the reservoir a Kestrel also appeared and on my way back there was a Pied Wagtail.
House Martin

House Martin Juvs

House Martin adult & Juv

Sand Martin


Swallow & House Martin

Greenfinch & Linnet

Grey Heron

Pied Wagtail

Willow Warbler


Hewenden Reservoir 12/8/2017

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 6th August a.m.
A cloudy cover with a temperature of 13°C up at Redcar Tarn which was dominated by c100 LBB Gulls,90 Canadas and a flock of c150 Lapwings.There were 30 BH Gulls, just one female Tufted Duck, five Pied Wagtails were moving around and there were two Muscovy Ducks at the edge of the water.There were several juvenile BH Gulls one looking younger the the rest and a Juvenile LBB Gull had a leg ring on the number read J475H. Others seen were House Martin,Swallow,Rook and Jackdaw along with the usual c100 Mallard, one with a brood of seven young chicks.
LBB Gull Juvenile

LBB Gull with leg ring J475H

LBB Gulls

BH Gull

BH Gull Juv

Older BH Gull Juv

BH Gull Juv with adult


Mallard with chicks


Pied Wagtail

Canadas splashing down

Redcar Tarn 6/8/2017