Monday, 5 September 2011

Walk around Hewenden Reservoir

Monday September 5th a.m.
  This morning was sunshine and showers with a temperature of 13°C. Near to the
 Reservoir there was a tree surrounded by bramble bushes where we saw a Willow
Warbler,Blackcap,Robin and a Blue Tit. At the far end of the Reservoir there was a
small group of six Canadas and three Cormorants with their wings out stretched which
would have made a great snap. Sadly something startled them and they went back into
the water. Through the woods there were a lot of mushrooms including the poisonous
Red Cap Toadstool. Walking back along the edge of the Reservoir we could see a
total of six Grey Heron and one of the Cormorants had caught a fish. One of them
took to the sky to give us a distant snap. There were a couple of Swallows and House
Martins about as well as a Pied Wagtail.
Poisonous Red Cap Toadstool

Pied Wagtail


4 Grey Heron and 6 Canadas

Two Cormorant


Grey Heron


  1. Wonder if the 3 Cormorants were the ones seen by DJS ,Calderbirds yesterday or some more moving through.Like the photos, are they your dads or are you using the camera that I heard you were getting for your birthday?

  2. My dad took most of them, I did have my new camera with me but you need to be quick to get some snaps.You would have had a good view of the Cormorants with your scope!