Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Redcar Tarn

Tuesday 27th December p.m.
 The sun began to shine this afternoon so we went up to Redcar Tarn to feed the
Ducks the temperature now was 9°C.Still high numbers of Gulls and Lapwing
flock still present although moved around a bit.
c750 - BH Gulls
c400 - Lapwings
c150 - Mallards
20 - Coot
11 - Canadas
10 - Tufted Ducks
10 - Common Gulls
6 - Moorhen
3 - Muscovy Ducks
2 - LBB Gulls
Other common Geese and hybrid Ducks.
Common Gull 1st Winter

LBB Gull

Muscovy Ducks

Tufted Duck 


BH and Common Gulls 1

BH and Common Gulls 2

BH Gulls 

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  1. BH and Common Gulls 2 is a belting photograph.