Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dowley Gap

Saturday September 15th a.m.
  By late morning it was a bright sunny day with a temperature of 18°C as we walked
along the canal at Dowley Gap.A couple of barges were trying to negotiate the locks
and looking over to the Sewage Works we could see BH Gulls and a Grey Wagtail 
flew over. As we headed along the lane towards the Aqueduct we saw a couple of
Wrens,Pied Wagtails,Swallows and a Robin. As we crossed the Aqueduct which takes
the canal over the River Aire we heard a rustling in the trees below us from where a Jay
appeared. We saw another Grey Wagtail here as well, before going into Hirst Wood and
along the bank of the river. We stopped in a clearing to count the Mallards in the river and
sunning themselves on a stony section at  the side of the river.Whilst here we also saw
Nuthatch above us and a Treecreeper gave us chance of a couple of snaps,a Squirrel also
posed briefly on a tree stump. We headed back to the canal where there were some more
Mallards, a few Greylags and other usual species.



Grey Squirrel

Road bridge over canal at Dowley Gap

Aqueduct taking the canal across the River Aire

Canal Locks at Dowley Gap

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  1. Nice juv Robin just getting its red breast. Well done with the Treecreeper, not an easy subject.