Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cullingworth Whitethroats

Thursday 24th July a.m.
Another hot day in the recent dry spell with an early temperature of 16°C rising quickly & in
the mid twenties this afternoon.An early morning walk through Cullingworth where it was good
to see at least six Swifts still above the village, they will be on their way South very soon.Also above the village House Martins, which have nests under the roof overhangs.We even spotted a nest on a newly
built house which unusually had the roof overhang for them to nest.As we walked down to where we
saw Whitethroats earlier in the year there were several Swallows flying around.Reaching our location
we only had a short wait before a family of Whitethroats appeared, good to see the Juvs suggesting
they had bred in this area.Other common birds were also seen on our walk home.
Juv Whitethroat


Whitethroat family

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