Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lister Park

Sunday 15th February a.m.
 Another foggy morning with low visibility in the surrounding countryside so we again headed for lower ground at Lister Park, Bradford.Here visibility was good even with the grey sky overhead with a temperature of 4°C as we headed for the Lake.Here there were good numbers of the usual birds, good to see the male Goosander back,the Mute Swans still present plus two Greylags.As we were walking round we heard a woodpecker drumming but could not see it in the trees above us.We decided to go round on the higher path on the other side of the trees where again we heard the drumming & we soon spotted the GSW.The drumming attracted a second bird & soon after we saw a third which is unusual, probably establishing territory time with the occasional dispute.Walking round the park other notables were Coal & LT Tits,Robin & Wren.

Greylags on the island

Canada going to graze on the grass


male Goosander

Mute Swan

male Tufted Duck



Two GSWs

Canadas at Lister Park 15/2/15


  1. Always good to see Woodpeckers, we were pleased with the snaps on a dull day with grey skies.