Sunday, 5 July 2015

Harden Moor & Lister Park

Sunday 5th July a.m.
Harden Moor
 A cloudy start as we paid a quick visit to Harden Moor where the temperature was 14°C, it was good to see the Sand Martins again as we made our way along the path next to the quarry.We saw a Green Woodpecker in the distance on a fence post & then saw it pass us flying into some trees.We heard it call several time & re-located it later in a distant tree with a second bird which looked like a juvenile.
Maybe that was why we heard so many calls as they communicated with each other, else where a couple of Whitethroats were seen one belting out a tune.Others included Willow Warbler,Blue Tits,Kestrel,Bullfinch,Pheasant & Wren.
Lister Park
 On arrival at Lister Park the temperature had risen to 16°C, we headed for the lake where there were good numbers of Canadas,Tufted Duck & Mallards.Others included Greylag,Moorhen,Coots with chicks,BH Gulls & we think a couple of 3rd Summer Herring Gulls.Up in the wooded area we added Blackbird,Chaffinch,Robin & Bullfinch.

Struggled to get the Green Woodpeckers with the camera

Blue Tit



With the pale mantle, we think these are Herring Gulls

Tufted Duck


Coot with chicks

Lister Park 5/7/15

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