Saturday, 7 November 2015

Ogden Water

Saturday 7th November p.m.
Well this morning was a total wash out with rain & even heavier spells of rain, needless to say we didn't venture out.By lunch time though the sun suddenly made an appearance so feeling a little restless we took a chance on going to Ogden.When we finally arrived though it was all change again as the dark clouds rolled in with a temperature of 12°C.We carried on seeing the Mallards at the feeding area & as we crossed the promenade some Canadas flew over.We have seen the reports on the water level being low but we were a bit taken aback how low it was, with the tap feeding the stream below looking to be fully open as water gushed out.There was a group of Gulls on the shoreline in the distance as we started our circuit, as we got closer we noticed a duck near the edge of the water.When we got the bins on it we saw a drake Teal, a first for us at Ogden so we were really pleased we came, although now the dreaded rain returned & we sheltered for a while under the trees watching the gulls.There was a selection of them mainly BH Gulls,several Common & one LBB Gull,the rain eased & we carried on, we could see a Cormorant now on the buoy in front of the promenade.We didn't see many birds at the top end but we enjoyed the scenery & took a few snaps, there was plenty water going in to the reservoir with one entry point looking like a waterfall. Heading back we saw  a group of Tits passing by these were Blue,Coal & LT Tits, as we headed up the path to the car park we added Blackbirds,Magpie & Carrion Crow.
Teal & BH Gull

drake Teal

Canadas over the Promenade

BH,Common & LBB Gulls

BH & Common Gulls

Top Pond

Plenty water going in to the reservoir

Still low level

Ogden Water 7/11/2015

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