Saturday, 16 January 2016

Yeadon Tarn

Saturday 16th January a.m.
A real cold start to the day with plenty frost and ice around, we had a start temperature of 0°C on our arrival at Yeadon Tarn.As we got out of the car we had to set the camera up straight away as there was a charm of c30 Goldfinch feeding in the nearby trees.We walked down to the Tarn which was about 60% covered with ice which some of the BH Gulls,Mallards,Moorhens & Coots were walking on.Good to see three Pochards here as well as Mute Swans,Tufted Ducks,Canadas & Great Crested Grebes.As we went around the boat end a Grey Wagtail flew over landing on a distant roof, further along a Pied Wagtail flew over which we caught up with on the tarmac at the feeding area.A good walk round the Tarn in the early morning Winter sunshine added a few more common species, such as Robin,Chaffinch & House Sparrow before heading off with a full camera of snaps to sort out & share with you.
Mute Swan



Mallard on the ice

Moorhen on the ice

female Pochard

female Tufted Duck & male Pochard

Pied Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

Gt Crested Grebe

Yeadon Tarn 16/1/2016


  1. Smashing photos.
    Love the Mallard.

  2. Thanks John, we couldn't resit the Mallard posing in the sunshine.