Friday, 2 February 2018

Cononley Ings

Friday 2nd February p.m.
A sunny afternoon with a temperature of 7°C as I made my way along the track towards Cononley Ings. Along the way seeing Coal Tit,Dunnock,Wren,Blackbird,Blue Tit,Robin and Magpie, the track was not as wet as my usual trips here when I'm often wading through a foot of water in my wellies.
As I approached the low lying fields between the River and the railway track there were c300 Lapwings flying around, one Lapwing was in the long grass at the other side of the river.In the distance I could also see seven Shelduck and Mipits along with Pied Wagtails milling around.A Peregrine was on a fence keeping an eye on proceedings, also in the distance were some small ducks but I couldn't make out what they were.I took some pictures of them and back home on the PC was able to ID several Teal.A Grey Wagtail landed on the fence in the distance along with a Mipit then it was time to go after seeing some good birds and enjoying a pleasant walk in the Winter sunshine.


Pied Wagtail


seven Shelduck


Grey Wagtail & Mipit


Lapwings at Cononley Ings

Cononley Ings 2/2/2018


  1. Thanks John & Dave, a bonus to get the Peregrine on a decent day after the dismal weather recently.