Sunday, 28 October 2018

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 28th October a.m.
 A bright sunny morning again with a temperature of 6°C on my arrival at Yeadon Tarn where I headed straight for the Lake.Here the usual species were on the Tarn BH Gulls,Canadas, Coots, Moorhen and Tufted Ducks.The pair of Mute Swans were still present with their four juveniles, the parents were busy keeping the other three Mute Swans that were on the Tarn away from their juveniles.Others seen were two Collared Doves in a tree on the island and a flock of twenty Starlings flying over.
Mute Swan

Mute Swan Juvenile

Tufted Ducks

BH Gulls

Collared Dove


Mute Swan with Juveniles

Parent of Juveniles seeing off another Mute Swan

Charge them if they don't take the hint

Mute Swans at Yeadon Tarn

Yeadon Tarn 28/10/2018

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