Sunday, 17 January 2021

Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 17th January a.m.

  Most of the recent snow had gone by this morning and with a dry sunny morning and a temperature of 3°C I set off on a walk round Hewenden Reservoir.  When I reached the viaduct I could see six Cormorant and several Canadas on the water and a couple of Cormorants on the dam wall.  It was a quiet walk with not many birds seen though there was some activity by the time I reached the top end.  There were plenty BH Gulls overhead and on the water and at the edge were three Goldeneye, three Goosander, Four Wigeon, ten Teal and six Tufteds.  A flock of c20 Lapwings flew over in the distance and on my way back a GSW landed in a nearby tree.


BH Gull




Goldeneye & Tufteds



Wigeon & Tufteds


Hewenden Reservoir 17/1/2021


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