Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Geese from around the world

From Sunday 30th October
 Here  is a collection of some of the Geese from around the world that we saw and
took snaps of on our visit to Martin Mere. One of them is the Crested Screamer
which is from South America,namely Brazil.Bolivia and Argentina. It is believed that
this bird may be the missing link between Geese,Swans and Gamebirds.
Red Breasted Goose from N. Russia,winter around Black Sea coast

Andean Goose from S.America, Chile & Argentina

Bar-headed Goose from Asia

Cape Barren Goose from Australia

Emperor Goose from Alaska & NE Russia

Magellan Goose from S.America & Falkland Islands

Magpie Goose from Australia

Swan Goose from Mongolia,China & Russia

Crested Screamer from S.America Brazil & Bolivia

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