Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ogden Water

Saturday 19th November a.m.
 A cold foggy start to the day meant a later start as the fog began to clear, but as we set
off towards Ogden we soon rose above the low cloud and it was sunny and clear with a
temperature of 5°C. At Ogden the water was very still with no wind, we saw that the
Cormorant was back on the float in the water so took a couple of snaps. As we walked
round it was very quiet a few Robins giving us chance of some snaps,otherwise just the
odd Dunnock and Crows. On the water there were mainly BH Gulls and of course the
Mallards in the Duck feeding area, not many birds but a pleasant walk round.
Robin 1

Robin 2

Robin 3


Ogden Water 1


Calm day at Ogden Water


  1. Good Robin photos and the shot of the water from the promenade is great, like a calendar.

  2. Thanks Brian, yo're having a bad run with the weather, the forecast is better for the coming week so lets hope they have got it right!