Saturday, 18 October 2014

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday 18th October a.m.
 A mild but dull start to the day with a temperature of 15.5°C on our arrival at Leeming
reservoir.Mallards were present on & around the reservoir & three Canadas which we don't
often see here.Then three Cormorants circuled & landed in the water some distance away, we
saw one of them on the far bank with the Canadas. Then one flew off soon followed by the
second Cormorant, not much else about other than a couple of Bullfinch,Blackbirds & Gt Tits.
As we neared the top end three Grey Wagtails flew over & soon after we saw one of them at the
edge of the small pond.Also here a bird flew low in front of us landing in the stream which feeds
the pond, it was a Dipper, good to see one again.We continued round the reservoir then back along the road, seeing one of our Cormorants was now on the tower.


Canada & Cormorant

Cormorant on the Tower

Leeming 18/10/14


  1. Always a treat to see a Dipper.
    Like the Canada & Cormorant pic.

  2. Thanks John,my first Dipper since spring so pleased with that.