Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Leeshaw & Cold Edge Dams

Tuesday 7th April a.m.
 A bright start today although there was mist in places like Keighley lower down which we saw on our way to Leeshaw.We started at Upper Marsh seeing 48 Golden Plover along with Grouse Curlew,Lapwing,Reed Bunting,Kestrel &  Mipits.
 At Leeshaw the temperature was 8°C where we added Little Owl,Pheasant,LBB Gulls,Oystercatcher & Cormorant.We then headed up passed Paul Clough & Fly Flatts where all was quiet & made our way to Cold Edge Dams.Here the pond was the best spot where we saw Canadas,Greylags,Pink-footed Goose,Redshank & Oystercatcher.We walked on to the bottom lake where we saw a Grey Heron,Mallards & Canada, with plenty Mipits on the moors ,oh & some Chaffinch.
Red Grouse

Golden Plover


Meadow Pipit

Little Owl



Leeshaw 7/4/2015

Pink-footed Goose


Canadas,Oystercatcher & Redshank

Cold Edge Dams 7/4/2015

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