Sunday, 3 May 2015

Dowley Gap

Sunday 3rd May p.m.
 After this mornings wash out after dinner the skies cleared & out came the sun quickly drying up all the rain so we decided to go to Dowley Gap for a quick visit.The temperature was up to 14°C by the time we arrived & went down to the canal seeing A pair of Greylags with six goslings & another pair with two goslings but not to be out done a Mallard had twelve chicks.Other birds included Grey Wagtail,Robin,Dunnock & Wren.After getting a few snaps we set off back home arriving before a heavy shower.
Greylag Goslings

Greylag with it's youngsters

Grey Wagtail doing some preening

Mallard with twelve chicks

Proud parents with their goslings

Dowley Gap 3/5/15

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