Sunday, 7 June 2015

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 7th June a.m.
Another bright start to the morning the wind was still blowing up at Redcar Tarn but not as strong as yesterday with the temperature being 9°C.A mixture of Swift,Swallow,House Martins & Sand Martins were over the water with Coots on four nests.Two of the nest have been successful with there being two chicks in each.A flock of c150 post breeding Starlings were feeding in the surrounding fields & a family of various age LBBs were together in a nearby field.Other birds of note were Chaffinch,Pied Wagtail & Rook.
male Chaffinch

LBB Gull

family of LBB Gulls

Pied Wagtail


Coot with two chicks

Coot family,Redcar Tarn 7/6/15


  1. Family of LBBs, Herring Gull in the centre. Watch for Yellow Legged Herring gull anytime, a good spot for them up there

  2. Thanks Brian, I remember the the first YLG we saw which was at Ogden back on 1st August 2011.