Monday, 1 June 2015

Swillington Ings

Monday 1st June a.m.
 With a day off work & a decent forecast for this morning I decided to have a look at a new location Swillington Ings East of Leeds.On arrival the sun was out with a temperature of 10°C, I headed for Astley Lake where there were,Common Tern,BH Gulls,Cormorant,Shoveler,Gawall,Tufted Duck, Oystercatcher, & a Pied Wagtail.Then I had a look round the Reed beds seeing a Mute Swan with five Cygnets,Grelags with large goslings,Reed Bunting,Pochard,Swallows were overhead with c100 Swift.The highlight of the visit was finding four Black-necked Grebes looking magnificent in their summer plumage.I was surprised how big the site is & I only saw a small part of the area, well worth spending more time looking round Swillington Ings.N.P.
Black-necked Grebe


Common Tern & BH Gull

Mute Swan & Cygnets

The magnificent Black-necked Grebe

Swillington Ings 1/6/15

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