Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Local Walk

Tuesday 16th July a.m.
 Another warm sunny start to the day with an early temperature of 16.5 °C which gradually
rose through the day up to 27°C.My dad was off work so he took the dog for an early morning walk
here is his report of the wildlife he saw.
 A quick look in the garden started things off well with six Siskins soon followed by the return of the
Juv GSW. There were plenty Swifts & House Martins flying over the village with other common species
around including Collared Dove,House Sparrow,Starling & Jackdaw.I headed for Hewenden Viaduct
seeing Swallows on the overhead wires near the track leading down to the reservoir, with more Swifts
flying around the viaduct.I headed down the path which goes under the viaduct seeing four BH Gulls on
the dam wall & a Grey Heron took off, Wrens,Blue Tits & Great Tits were also in this area. From the bottom of the viaduct I was watching Swifts which were very high & only visible with the bins their
numbers suddenly grew.They were also joined by Swallows all very high, then a bigger bird flew among them, a Perergine which was being mobbed by the Swallows. It flew over the reservoir and away,great to
see my first so close to home. The path lead alongside Hewenden beck where there were several Mallards,
then on to Hallas Bridge, where it was good to get a good view of a Dipper, I was too slow with the
camera though.
 At the other side of Goit Stock Wood there was a Deer drinking from the small stream, & as I headed towards the road there were a couple of Willow Warblers in the trees & a male Pheasant in the field
below.Also in this area I heard the reeling sound of the Grasshopper Warbler a first for me, didn't get a
sighting of it though amongst the deep grass.A good point to finish as the temperature was beginning to
rise & we were soon home.

Juv Swallow



male Pheasant

Hewenden Reservoir

Hewenden Viaduct


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  1. Glad you found a Gropper. Goit Stock used to be good for them at one time but quietened off a bit in the last few years same as Cuckoo