Sunday, 7 July 2013

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday July 7th a.m.
 Another bright sunny start to the day with a temperature of 19°C at Yeadon Tarn.The Mallards
were well spread out on the lake with one group getting plenty early morning sun on the boards
under the wall.We just saw one Canada & two Tufted Ducks but there were seven Mute Swans,
with  Swift,Swallow & House Martins overhead.There were a couple of BH Gulls around and on
the island there were a couple of juveniles,making us think they may have bred here.There were the
usual Coots some now with large chicks/juvs & there were also Moorhen one on the island had
three large chicks.As we were at the top end near the airport we were treated to a Common Tern
arriving & staying on the wooded barriers it was soon joined by a second bird giving us a good
chance of some snaps to round off a good morning.
Common Tern

Common Terns

Coot chick/juv

Mallard under the wall

Mute Swan with Juv BH Gulls in the background

Common Terns

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  1. Great Common Tern photos, a bird Ive yet to get this year.