Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dowley Gap to Hirst Wood

Thursday 12th September a.m.
 A dull start to the day slowly brightening up with some sunshine this afternoon. A report from
my day who managed to get away from some holiday jobs to do a bit of birding.
 A temperature of 15°C at Dowley Gap on arrival this morning, things started well with a Kestrel
flying over as I went along the canal footpath. Only BH Gulls & Magpies at the water works,fairly
quiet in general but as I went down to the River Aire there was a Grey Wagtail which gave me
chance for a few photos.Mallards,Moorhen & a couple of distant Jays in Hirst Wood.The
highlight of the walk was when a Kingfisher perched on a branch 5 meters away although there
was a tree between it & me so no pictures, but always good to see one of these birds.
Grey Wagtail

River Aire running through Hirst Wood

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