Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hornsea Mere

Sunday 22nd September a.m.
 A trip to the East coast of Yorkshire to visit my grandad today gave us the chance to visit
Hornsea Mere on the way. On arrival the sun was shining with a temperature of 18°C but a
strong wind took the edge off the warm sun.We headed for the jetties straight away & there
were five Little Gulls just what we had hoped for, as they very rarely come into our pennine
 There were plenty other birds around, the sky was full of geese,Cormorants & ducks at one
point, all of which seemed in a hurry to get somewhere.On the water were Canadas,Greylags,
Mallards,Coots,Mute Swans,Tufted Ducks & BH Gulls.
Little Gull

Herring Gull 1st Year

Greylags & others

Little Gull stars of our visit

Hornsea Mere


  1. Could do with some Little Gulls over here. Hope you brought some back with you.

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