Saturday, 7 September 2013


Saturday 7th September a.m.
 We arrived at Leeshaw Reservoir with cloudy skies,blustery wind & a temperature of 9°C.
There was a Grey Heron under the dam wall, the water seemed quiet then four Goosanders
began to move along the far side of the water before taking off & flying into the distance.There
were several BH Gulls flying around with them unusually was a Ringed Plover which flew up
& down the far side.Then behind us we caught sight of a bird which had landed on a distant
wall, it was a small Falcon, our first impression was a Merlin.The bird took off swooping low over
the ground putting up c50 Mipits before it disappeared.Looking at the snaps we couldn't decide if
it was deffinately Merlin or possible Sparrowhawk.
 Another Rapter seemed to be in the area as in the fields on the other side of the reservoir c100
 Starlings & several Carrion Crows were put up by something.A Cormorant landed on the tower &
another two were on the edge of the water.A Curlew was also near the edge of the water & we
spotted a couple of Wheatear on a wall in the distance.
P.S. thanks to B.S. - West Yorkshire Birding for giving a positive ID for the Sparrowhawk.




Grey Heron





  1. Im afraid its a Sparrowhawk but well done to get pictures.
    A Marsh Harrier was around that area this morning at 0830 hrs

  2. Thanks Brian, still pleased to get the Sparrowhawk.
    Shame we didn't spot the Marsh Harrier, we were there at 8:30 & it could well
    have been the bird that put the starlings & Crows up.