Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cullingworth Kestrels

Saturday 26th October a.m.
 A dull start to the day with a temperature of 10°C as we headed off to do some birding
in Keighley.As we were heading up Keighley Road out of Cullingworth we spotted a Kestrel
hovering over the field next to the road, so we found a place to pull in.We thought we might
get a snap of it, we soon realised there was a pair hunting in the field.They were just out of
range as they hunted but kept coming over to the side of the road & landing on top of two
Telegraph poles. We were parked in between & although the light was poor managed to get
some snaps.It was fascinating watching them hunt with both the male & female on the same
pole at times.At one point the male landed on a wall just in front of us with something he had
caught.We watched them for half an hour before they moved on and we abandoned our plans
& headed home delighted with our early morning treat.
male Kestrel

female Kestrel

pair of Kestrels

male on wall just a few meters away from us in the car.


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  1. Good photos to get the 2 together. Right place at right time.