Saturday, 19 October 2013

Harold Park & Park Dam

Saturday 19th October a.m.
Harold Park
Another foggy morning meant a later start over at Harold Park,South Bradford as things
gradually brightened up late morning with a temperature of 12°C.The lake was full of Coots,
we counted 78 but just one Canada, two Great Crested Grebes were present & the pair of
Mute Swans had two juveniles with them.Others included Tufted Duck,Moorhens with juvs
& Mallards.
 We walked further up the Park to the small pond, this area was busier than normal with birds
flitting about in the tree tops.There were good numbers of Thrushes including Mistle,Blackbirds
& a couple of Redwing, leading us to think migrants had boosted the numbers.We also saw a
flock of birds feeding some going quickly over our heads in more ways than one,our best guess
would be Goldfinch, we did ID two of these along with a couple of Blue Tits & a Chaffinch in a
nearby tree.
This Pigeon posed so well we couldn't resist

Great Crested Grebe

Mute Swan

Mute Swan Juvs

male Tufted Duck


Moorhen Juv

Mistle Thrush

  Park Dam
 In the nearby fields on our arrival at Park Dam were 38 grazing Canadas, in the hedgerow were
more Blackbirds with the resident House Sparrows. The lake held Mallard,Coot,Moorhen, a pair
of Great Crested Grebe with a Juvenile & three Little Grebes, two possible Juvs.
Little Grebe-poss Juv

must be lunch time

Adult & Juv Little Grebes

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