Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dowley Gap

Sunday 27th October a.m.
 With the clocks going back we headed off this morning in bright sunshine & blue skies to
Dowley Gap where the temperature was 10°C on arrival.The hedgerow next to the road
held Mistle Thrush,Blackbirds,Blue Tits,Greenfinch,Great Tit,Robin & LT Tits in addition
we saw a Jay fly over the field carrying a nut & higher a Cormorant flew over.A good start
but still no Redwing or Fieldfare even though there are plenty berries for them.
 We went along the canal where the two Mute Swans were present with several Mallards &
we also had the bonus of a couple of Grey Wagtails.We walked along the canal & across the
Aqueduct over the River Aire & into Hirst Wood. Here it was quiet, the river was high & flowing
fast with all the recent rain, just a few Mallards were seen here.
 We headed back seeing good numbers of BH Gulls at the water works with c18 Pied Wagtails
& a couple of Dunnocks & Wrens.As we came back to the locks we scanned around the water
works & sighted a Grey Wagtail on a wall which then took off flying past us & going down along
the canal.We headed after it & were lucky enough to re-locate it at the edge of the canal under the
trees.It stayed long enough for several snaps before moving off again.This rounded off some good
birding & we managed to get home before the rain came.
Grey Wagtail


Pied Wagtail

Mute Swans

Who's a pretty boy then

The Aqueduct which carries the canal over the River Aire

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