Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dowley Gap

Sunday 1st December a.m.
  Another bright morning with some good sunshine & a temperature of 5.5°C on our
arrival at Dowley Gap near Bingley.The hedgerows at the sides of the road where we
park is usually a good start to birding here, this morning we saw Blue & Great Tits,Robin,
Blackbirds & Chaffinch.We went down to the canal which runs from Leeds to Liverpool
& in this area crosses the River Aire,plus there are several sets of locks including the five
rise at Bingley.
 The first bird spotted was a Grey Wagtail which headed in the Bingley direction so we
decided to follow it although usually we go the other way towards Hirst Wood.As we got 
closer to it on it moved we followed it for a couple of hundred meters then our attention was
diverted to a pair of Goosanders on the canal.These were very obliging & we managed to get
a good number of snaps.
  Then we were distracted again as a flash of blue flew past going into the bank, yes that's right a
Kingfisher.We followed but couldn't spot it so went back towards the Goosanders then we spotted
the female Kingfisher on a branch.We managed to get some decent snaps but it was in the shade,
then thankfully it came nearer to us into the sun & we got some even better snaps.The Kingfisher is
a great small bird & it's always a delight to see one & some good snaps are a great bonus.
  We walked back along the canal to the water works seeing BH Gulls,Dunnock,Woodpigeon,
Wren & Pied Wagtail.Pleased with our mornings birding we headed back to the car & in the
hedgerow a Jay appeared giving us a great finish.
female Kingfisher

Jay after the Oak tree acorns

Grey Wagtail

female Goosander

male Goosander

pair of Goosanders

female Kingfisher

Canal at Dowley Gap


  1. Thanks Brian we were lucky to get the light just right & the bird close to us for a few minutes.

  2. Common Kingfishers ARE beautiful. I saw one in Japan earlier this year and it really lit up the winter day. It seems late autumn/winter has some good birding in your area.

  3. Knockout pics in general, well sorted

  4. Great pics Danny, there seems to be plenty of interest over your way at the mo :-)

  5. Thank you all for your comments they are much appreciated.