Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dowley Gap

Sunday 29th December a.m.
 Another dull start to the day with some light rain but it soon brightened up & out came the
sun, our start temperature at Dowley Gap near Bingley was 5°C.As soon as we got out of
the car the first bird we spotted was a male Pheasant which soon disappeared into the
brambles at the other side of the field.It was good to see the Redwings here again before we
went along the canal side seeing Mallards on the water & a distant view of a Kingfisher.
 We turned back towards the road bridge seeing a Jay foraging for food in the trees as we
went.As we came to the locks a male Goosander flew low over the locks & landed on the
canal in front of us giving some good views & snaps.As we were taking these a female
Kingfisher landed on a branch just long enough for one snap before she was on her way.
 At the water works we saw a few Grey Wagtails but there were c50 Pied Wagtails plus
the usual BH Gulls.We went across the Aqueduct into Hirst Wood seeing a Nuthatch with 
a few more Mallards on the River Aire.Coming back across the Aqueduct we saw another
Jay & a pair of Long-tailed Tits, then we headed along the track running along side the water
works.It was here we spotted a small bird up ahead in the grass next to a building,through the
binoculars we could see to our surprise a Chiffchaff! We moved a little closer to get some snaps,
it then moved higher onto a window ledge giving a much better view & of course a few snaps
to share with you.This rounded off a great mornings birding with good weather & plenty of
exercise to walk off some of that Christmas food.

female Kingfisher

male Goosander



LT Tit

Chiffchaff showing above the grass

male Goosander made a brief appearance


  1. Great pics lads, was the Chiffchaff on Ivy House by the sewage works, its a regular spot there and has picked up Sibes in the past.

  2. Yes, it was in that area Brian, brightened up our morning.

  3. The little chiffchaff is cute!

  4. It seems that there are quite a few birds about in your area.