Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fieldfare Feast

Saturday 21st December a.m.
  The day started well with some early morning winter sunshine & a temperature of 7°C as we
set off to Redcar Tarn.As we went out of the village there were c75 Canadas grazing in a
road side field, we headed into Keighley town centre to do a couple of errands on our way.
As we approached the city center we spotted some birds in the tree tops we parked up to get
a closer view. We were surprised to see Fieldfare there were c60 of them moving high between
the tree tops, then we noticed several trees which had brought the birds here as they were full of
berries.We have not seen much of Fieldfare in the past so this chance encounter delighted us & we
had the camera with us to get some snaps.These were better as the birds came lower & started to
eat the berries, we also saw a Goldfinch which posed for a snap.

Fieldfare amongst the berries


Part of the large Fieldfare flock

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  1. Nice shots, should have been some Waxwings with them !