Sunday, 8 June 2014

Dowley Gap

Sunday 8th June a.m.
 A good sunny morning with a temperature of 15°C on our arrival at Dowley Gap this morning.
Its been a month since our last visit & it was good to see the Greylag Goslings growing well but
there did seem to be fewer in each brood.There were also a few broods of Mallard chicks on the
canal & we also saw a couple of Grey Wagtails.The water works area was quiet with just a couple
of Oystercatchers & plenty Magpies.We saw a Jay which was probably up to no good, a Chiffchaff
was making plenty of noise & a female Blackcap showed for a few seconds.We walked on to Hirst
Wood where the River Aire was fast flowing after the recent rain,we just managed to get a snap of a
pair of Canadas & their Goslings as they sped past.Walking back along the canal the morning finished
on a high note as a Kingfisher went past then dived into the cover of the tree lined canal side.
Greylag Gosling

Greylags with four Goslings

Canadas with five Goslings

Mallard with seven chicks

Mallard chick

Grey Wagtail

proud parents with their Goslings



  1. Hope you had a good day Nigel and a nice birthday. Don,t worry, I won,t tell anyone that you were
    FIFTY 50 Fifty Five 0 50.

  2. Cheers Brian, I did have a good day & thanks for not saying how old I am N.P.