Thursday, 12 June 2014

Harden Moor

Thursday 12th June a.m.
 With the prospect of a good sunny morning I Got up early this morning so I could have a quick
look around Harden Moor on my way to work.The sun was out with a temperature of 10°C but
a bank of cloud was moving in from the Keighley direction.A quick scout round seeing the c25
Sand Martins very busy around their nest site,Goldfinch,Jay,Kestrel,Willow Warbler,Whitethroat,
Redpoll & a noisy Song Thrush were also seen.The visit highlight though was when a Sand Martin
perched on the barbed wire fence just long enough for a couple of pictures.Then as I was going the
sound of the Cuckoo but my time was up & off I had to go.N.P.
Sand Martin


Song Thrush


  1. Song Thrush pic no.4 Rocks!

  2. Nice Sand Martin, not an easy bird to catch on film