Sunday, 1 June 2014

Harden Moor

Sunday 1st June a.m.
 A good start to the day with the sun out & some blue sky with a temperature of 12.5°C on
our arrival above Cullingworth on Harden Moor.Good numbers of birds around some singing
whilst others were busy feeding their young.The Sand Martins were busy in & out of their nests no
doubt they will have young fledging soon.Good numbers of Goldfinch,Willow Warblers & Mipits
were seen & as we came round a corner a male Bullfinch was catching some rays just long enough
for a couple of snaps.A Whitethroat was in the distance singing as was a very loud Song Thrush &
a different tune came from a male Blackcap which was too quick for a snap in the tree branches.
There were a couple of fly past from a Curlew & then a Kestrel & several Redpolls were very mobile
giving the camera the slip today.A Cuckoo was heard in the distance then as we were scanning the
area we heard the Cuckoo call from behind us & it past just a few meters away,still didn't manage a
snap though.That's been the only draw back with my dads camera it struggles to focus on birds in the
air, still its proved its value with other snaps we get.
male Bullfinch


Song Thrush belting out its tune

Whitethroat with a different song

Willow Warbler with food for its young

Willow Warbler singing

Willow Warbler

Good view of this male Bullfinch as we turned a corner


  1. I finally discovered why most bridge cameras struggle with pics of flying birds. It's because they incorporate an auto tracking feature. With a dog or a horse jogging along this is fine, but not with something smallish and fast. The way round this is to really depress the shutter button firmly and quick so that it doesn't have time to follow the target. Not guaranteed to work every time but certainly is a step forward. I have tried disabling the auto track feature but on a number of settings it is built in.

  2. Thanks for the tip Nigel we'll certainly give it a try next time we're out.