Sunday, 2 November 2014

Carsington Water & Attenborough Nature Reserve

Saturday & Sunday 1st & 2nd November
 We've had a busy weekend which meant no birding for Danny as on Saturday we were in
Mansfield attending the Taekwondo Dan Promotion event.Danny was attempting to gain a Black
belt which would make him a 1st Dan grade.It was a trying day but I'm delighted to say he passed
& is now a 1st Dan Black belt in Taekwondo, well done Danny!
 Then today I was there again with his sister who is already a Black belt in Taekwondo but because she is under 15 this is called a 1st Poom grade.Well today I'm pleased to say she passed her second level making her a 2nd Poom Black Belt in Taekwondo, so again well done to her.
  These lasted all day which gave me the chance to slip away for a couple of hours birding in the Mansfield area.On Saturday I travelled West to Carsington Water where there were plenty of birds to see including Cormorant,Mallard,Tufted Duck,Mute Swan,Coot,Wigeon,Teal,Redwing,Lapwing &
Redshank. As I was walking round I came to a viewing screen in a wooded area which looked at a bird table.I'm so glad I decided to go sit down to see what came, Coal Tits,Great Tit,Bullfinch,
Nuthatch,Chaffinch,Tree Sparrow & also several little gems Willow Tits. It was great to see these little birds & even get a few pictures making the visit well worth while.
  On Sunday I headed South of Mansfield to Attenborough Nature Reserve where again the same wildfowl was on show with the highlight being a couple of female Goldeneye, hopefully these should be returning very soon to our own area.N.P.
Willow Tit

Coal Tit

Great Tit



female Goldeneye

Carsington Water

Wonderful to see Willow Tits


  1. Beautiful bird images.

    I have never seen a willow tit in the wild......your captured them beautifully.