Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dowley Gap,Bingley

Sunday 9th November a.m.
 After our visit to Harden moor we decided to make the most of the now bright sunshine & go to Dowley Gap in Bingley where the temperature was 6.5°C. We parked up & had a look at the hedge rows seeing Mistle Thrush,Blue Tit,Great Tit & Robin. We also saw our first Redwings of the Autumn but they were elusive & very flight so couldn't get a snap.We moved down to the canal & headed towards Bingley, the usual Mallards were present then as we approached a bridge a female Goosander came flying towards us,we didn't even have time to touch the cameras before it was gone.
A couple of Jays were also back & forth giving chance of some snaps.Further along it was good to see a returning male Goosander on the canal following the females we have seen in the last couple of weeks.We turned back getting another chance with the Jays, one was turning over leaves looking for food & unusually didn't seem too bothered by people walking past.
 When we got back to the car we had another look in the field & saw some Redwings on the ground at the top of the field giving us a distant snap.We decided to walk up the field along the footpath to see if we could get closer to them but they soon vanished.At the top of the field we saw some Goldfinches, then we saw a couple of small birds in a conifer.We soon realised they were Goldcrests our first of the year, we tried for some snaps but they moved very quick & soon they were gone.We got a couple though & weren't we pleased we decided to walk up the field & another birding morning came to a close. So off home we went, just need to look through the snaps for the blog edit them & do our post which hopefully people enjoy as we did out in the sunshine this morning.


Mistle Thrush






  1. Some super shots there.
    Nice Goldcrest.

  2. Thanks John, the Goldcrests were very mobile so I was pleased I got some snaps.