Sunday, 9 November 2014

Harden Moor

Sunday 9th November a.m.
 We were over due a visit to Harden Moor so thats where we went this morning with a temperature of
4°C & gradually brightening conditions.The first bird we saw was a Wren which dived in to the undergrowth, then looking back across the quarry we could see two Kestrels on top of a telegraph pole each in the distance.We later got a better view as one landed in a tree there were several Blackbirds around along with Blue & Great Tits,also a couple of Chaffinch.As we came to a clearing a bird took off low & all we saw was a pale rump, soon afterwards a Green Woodpecker flew past us into a tree this was our earlier bird.It took off again soon followed by a second Green Woodpecker  &
landed in a wooded area from where we heard them call.Also in this area we saw five Bullfinch & c25 Lapwings flew over, a couple of Robins finished off a good visit.
Green Woodpecker





Harden Moor

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