Sunday, 21 December 2014

Chicks,Cygnets & Goslings 2014

Its been another one of those dull wet days so we decided to give going out birding a miss today.All was not lost though, our bird feeders usually encourage a few into the garden for me to see & as I was filling them this morning I saw a Treecreeper at the bottom of the garden, a good garden tick.When I went back into the house a LT Tit was my first customer then a couple of Jays arrived in the tree tops, so not too bad.
 Anyway to brighten things up I thought I'd have a look back at some of the successful breeding from local birds this year.These pictures were taken at Redcar Tarn,Yeadon Tarn,Park Dam & Dowley Gap but other locations also had a successful year.
Coot chick

Coot feeding its chicks

Mute Swan Cygnet

Cygnets with proud parents

Greylag Gosling

Goslings with parents

Mallard with chicks

Moorhen with chick

Gt Crested Grebe & chicks

Muscovy with chicks

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