Friday, 12 December 2014

Redcar Tarn & Moors

Friday 12th Dec p.m.
 Another visit up to Redcar Tarn where it was sunny on our arrival but a cold 2°C.There were fewer birds than on our last visit but still good numbers here & now three Goosanders. After walking round the Tarn we decided to try our look even higher up on the Moors above Keighley & on our way we spotted a Kestrel & another Raptor which we couldn't ID,most likely suspect it was a Buzzard.The high moorland had a covering of snow & was very cold, the only birds we saw here were Red Grouse so we didn't stop too long.
Red Grouse

Redcar Tarn List

male Red Grouse in the snow of the high moorland

Pied Wagtail



Grouse keeping low

View across the moors

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  1. Lovely seasonal shots of the Grouse in the snow.