Saturday, 12 September 2015

More from Leighton Moss

From Friday 11th September
 After seeing the waders overlooking Morecambe Bay I moved to the visitor centre & the main part of the reserve.Here there were good numbers of Teal & Wigeon but the main area I focussed on was the woodland area.Coming back from one of the lakes I saw a bird in the distance at the top of a tree which I couldn't decide what it was.I got a couple of pictures before it flew off & from them I could see it was a Spotted Flycatcher a bird I've only had a glimpse of once before.In the woodland the star was the little Marsh Tit with a supporting cast of Coal,Blue & Great Tit & a couple of Nuthatch.N.P.
Spotted Flycatcher

Marsh Tit

Coal Tit

Blue Tit

Great Tit



  1. Nice one with the Marsh Tit.
    I used to see them regularly at Knaresborough but I don't go there now , and they are a rarity for me these days.

  2. Thanks John I was pleased to see the Marsh Tit not a bird I get much chance to catch up with. N.P.