Sunday, 24 April 2016

Harden Moor

Sunday 24th April a.m.
It was a cold morning on Harden Moor with cloudy conditions and a temperature of just 2°C but our spirits were soon brightened up.We parked in our usual spot and went through the gate on to the path,we heard a bird calling, we stopped and listened, yes it was a Cuckoo. We were able to see it in a distant tree and headed towards it but it flew as we approached, we later got closer to it but the light was not good & our snaps were in silhouette.We had a wonder around seeing Willow Warbler,Song Thrush,Sand Martin,Green Woodpecker,Pied Wagtail & Little Owl.As we were leaving we got another view of the Cuckoo getting a better snap.
Recognisable even in Silhouette

Our first sighting in a distant tree

Better snap of the Cuckoo as we were leaving

Pied Wagtail

Little Owls

Cuckoo on Harden Moor 24/4/2016


  1. Well done with the early Cuckoo.
    Great photo of the Cuckoo and the Little Owls.
    Hope you've warmed up!!

  2. Thanks John, we came home to get warm before setting off for Yeadon Tarn.