Sunday, 17 April 2016

Pendle Hill

Sunday 17th April a.m
 We tried a new location this morning in search of a decent Ring Ouzel snap over the border in Lancashire at Pendle Hill just under 20 miles from home.We arrived after an over night frost but had sunshine and blue skies with a temperature of 0°C.The first birds seen were Pied Wagtails on a wall, then as we started to climb the hill a number of Wheatears were around keeping their distance.As we got a bit higher we started to see Ring Ouzels high near the top of the hill well out of the range of the camera.The closest we got was when one appeared up ahead on the path still along way off, we ended up with a total of eight birds which was still good.We decided to make the climb to the top which had some hail stones  covering it white which took a while for the sun to burn off.We got some good views from the top of the hill  and the trig point, Mipits and a couple of Skylarks kept us company before making our way back down.

Closest we got to a Ring Ouzel

Pied Wagtail

View from the hill

View from the trig point

Pendle Hill 17/4/2016


  1. You need to be up there for Dotterel next month. Watch out for the Pendle witches.

  2. A good hike there and some good birds.

  3. Thanks to you both, we may pay another visit soon.