Saturday, 30 April 2016

Harden Moor

Saturday 30th April a.m.
A chilly start with some sunshine and a temperature of 3°C on Harden Moor this morning where there were plenty Willow Warbler around several in full song.It wasn't long before we heard the Cuckoo and quickly getting our first sighting of the bird, we later got a good view of it in the sunshine and even managed a snap whilst we were using some trees for cover so it didn't spot us.There were two Little Owls in there usual spot and a large fire lit by the workmen in the quarry near the Sand Martin spot was a little concerning.We found the Redpolls and watched them for a while as they came down to some old seed heads, elsewhere a couple of Robins where having an argument, Curlew flew over.A Grey Heron flew just in front of us and a couple of Linnets made an appearance and the morning was rounded off with a Kestrel hunting in the distance.

Lesser Redpoll

Little Owls

Robins arguing

Willow Warbler

Grey Heron

Redpoll feeding on the seed heads, Harden Moor 30/4/2016


  1. Stonking Cuckoo photo and great Redpoll pics as well.

  2. Thanks John,bit elusive the Cuckoo so we were pleased with the snap.