Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dowley Gap

Sunday 3rd November a.m.
 When we arrived at Dowley Gap the temperature had risen to 8.5°C still with bright
sunshine.In the hedgerow by the road were Blue,Great & LT Tits as we walked along
by the canal we saw a Blackbird feeding on the berries, it was joined by several Redwings
which kept in the middle of the trees,so no chance of a snap.The water works area held
BH Gulls,Pied Wagtails & a Couple of Grey Wagtails.By the bridge across the canal we saw
a Robin & a Goosander flew over, as we headed back we saw a Grey Wagtail fly to the edge
of the canal where we saw one last week giving us chance of some more snaps before heading
Blackbird enjoying the berries


Grey Wagtail

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