Saturday, 2 November 2013

Stocksbridge Nature Reserve

Saturday 2nd November a.m
 We finally managed to get to our destination in Keighley which was the BOG members
only Nature Reserve at Stocksbridge. Here there is a hide overlooking a lagoon with a
couple of islands surrounded by some Reed Beds,Grasses & Trees.There are several
feeding stations for the birds which attract a good variety of visitors throughout the year.
It was chilly on arrival with the temperature at 6°C & dull sky overhead, a scan of the
lagoon showed a Grey Heron & a Pheasant on the far bank.Then scanning the undergrowth
in front of the hide we caught a brief glimpse of a bird skulking around, the one we had hoped
to see, then it disappeared again.
 Other birds on the feeders & in the trees were Blue,Great & LT Tits,Blackbird,Dunnock,
Robin,Reed Bunting & Woodpigeon. We scanned in front of the hide again then out sculked
our bird a Water Rail which was behind some undergrowth.It came out into the open breifly
giving us chance of some snaps.These were the first good views we've had of this bird and we
were delighted to see it at last.
Water Rail

Water Rail skulking among the undergrowth

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  1. Well done with the Water Rail, not an easy bird to connect with.