Sunday, 3 November 2013

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 3rd November a.m.
 A bright sunny start to the day with a strong wind blowing & a temperature of 6.5°C
on our arrival at Yeadon Tarn.The first birds see were a charm of Goldfinch feeding
among the tree tops,the water held the usual Mallards,Canadas,Coots,Mute Swan,
Tufted Duck & BH Gulls.Other birds seen as we walked round were Moorhen,Dunnock,
Common Gull & Collared Dove.
 A good start to the day so we decided to continue over at Dowley Gap(report to follow),
taking the route over the moorland down to Bingley & seeing a Red Kite on the way.


Tufted Duck

Mute Swan

Red Kite over the moors


Canada Geese

Yeadon Tarn

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