Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mixenden Reservoir

 A good start to the morning as c300 Jackdaws were circling overhead in Cullingworth from
their nearby roost.We decided to head for Mixenden Reservoir to hopefully catch up with the
reported scoter. On arrival it was a dull morning with a temperature of 8°C & we soon found
the all black male Common Scoter then nearby we caught sight of what we think was the female,
lighter in colour & different bill.The birds were often at different ends of the reservoir & when we
tried to get closer they moved away so only record snaps but we were delighted to see them for
the first time.
 Other birds present were BH Gulls,Common Gulls & a drake Tufted Duck.
male Common Scoter

female Common Scoter

pair of Common Scoters

Mixenden Reservoir


  1. What a find; great stuff! Great photo's too, well sorted.

  2. Nice one Danny, great photo's as well.

  3. Thanks to you both for your earlier reports which led us to Mixenden, seeing the male Common Scoter was a great surprise for us.

  4. Good do lads, great photos.
    With a pair there now theres a good chance of a full raft of them coming in.