Friday, 18 April 2014

Bridlington Trip.

Friday 18th April
 A frosty start to the day as we set off to Bridlington on the East coast of Yorkshire.
On the way as we passed the Harewood estate it was good to see a total of four Red Kites
a couple of them coming close to the car but we were not able to get any snaps. Also on
route a couple of Kestrels were seen hovering over grass verges.
 When we arrived the tide was still in but there were plenty Herring Gulls about, there were
also a good number of Turnstones on ledges on the sea wall.There were also a pair of birds on
the wooden posts some distance away, which I think were Dunlin.I added a couple of snaps so
if I'm wrong hopefully some one will tell me.
 As the tide went out the Turnstones moved onto the sand and we went on a few rides before
having some lunch.There were a few boat trips around the bay,speed boat or pirate ship we
decided not to risk the old sea legs.The tide had now gone out leaving a muddy harbour for
c100 Herring Gull which were joined by a count of 10 Redshanks.
 After the obligatory Ice Creams, very nice they were too we headed home the temperature
now up to 10.5°C & the sun still shining.As we approached the Harewood estate we again
kept a look out for Red Kites,soon we saw our first quickly followed by a second.The numbers
kept rising and there was the amazing site of 15 in the sky together, what a note to finish on.
Herring Gull

Herring Gulls

Dunlin I think

Turnstone on the sea wall


Pirate ship


Herring Gull at Bridlington 18/4/2014



  1. Some great shots there including the Purple Sandpiper (Dunlin you think) always a very good wader to look at.

  2. Wow! Thanks for letting me know Nigel, that's a first for me, I'll have to check through my snaps to see if I have any more I can post of the Purple Sandpiper!