Saturday, 19 April 2014

Leeshaw area

Saturday 19th April
 A frosty start to the day with a temperature of just 1°C on our arrival at Leeshaw
Reservoir.There were good numbers of Geese,Lapwings, Oystercatchers and Pheasants
in the surrounding fields.Curlews were still present,Pied Wagtails also & Swallows flew
low over the water.Also good to see the return of a couple of Common Sandpipers on the
waters edge.
  We decided to move a short distance away to the bottom of Penistone Hill that has a track
which leads to the other side of the reservoir, it can also be walked from Leeshaw but its
uphill & a fair trek.At the side of the track the field held Pheasants & Lapwing & we also saw
a single Wheatear.Also on the moor in the heather we saw a Red Grouse, after enjoying the
view of the reservoir we headed back along the track to the car. As we approached the road we
saw a small flock of around twelve birds fly into a nearby field.My dad thought they were Golden Plover so we walked down the road to check out the field where they had landed.There were
Sheep in the field and among them the field was full of Golden Plover in full breeding plumage.
We got as close as we could from the road & took some snaps,if only they were a bit closer but
at least we saw them, we counted 90.Also in the field was an Oystercatcher & a couple of Curlew,
another fantastic end to a good mornings birding.
29 - Canadas
2 - Common Sandpiper
5 - Curlew
90 - Golden Plover
c40 - Lapwing
10 - Meadow Pipit
6 - Oystercatcher
14 - Pheasant
6 - Pied Wagtail
1 - Red Grouse
5 - Swallow
1 - Wheatear

Common Sandpiper

Pied Wagtail



Red Grouse in the Heather


male & female Golden Plover

returning Common Sandpiper

Field full of Golden Plover with the Sheep 

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