Saturday, 12 April 2014

Morning Tour

Saturday 12th April a.m.
An early morning start in search of Wheatears at Nab Water Lane just above Paul Clough,
you never know what you're gonna find a Ring Ouzel could well be in this area.Well the
conditions were not favourable with dull skies, a strong blustery wind & a temperature of 5.5°C,
but despite no sun to pose in we did get two female Wheatear both distant views.The other bird,
well writing it, is as close as we've got to one of them, but we keep trying. Others seen here were
Lapwing,Curlew,Kestrel,Mipit,Pied Wag,Canadas & Pheasant.
 The usual suspects were on parade at Leeshaw, still no Wheatears here though, a couple of
Stock Doves were a site first & three Swallows were our first of the year. Always good to see
the first ones of the year & what an effort they make returning from South Africa.Flying
thousands of miles with the Sahara Dessert to cross they are a remarkable little bird. A couple
of LBB Gulls in a field at the other side of the reservoir stood out too.
 A quick call in at Leeming reservoir on the way home turned up a Dipper in the stream below
the reservoir over flow.In the over flow area was a Grey Wagtail other than these still quiet at
this location, and with the water level so high not looking good for waders passing through.

Curlew Nab Water Lane

Lapwing at Leeshaw

LBB Gulls

Pied Wags at Leeshaw

Distant view of female Wheater on Nab Water Lane

Grey Wag at Leeming

Dipper at Leeming

Distant Dipper

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